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thosemomentsofmine blogger sat on cosy bed with phone

Welcome to my brand new little blog space... 

...so who am I? I'm Claudia of Perfectly Claudia. Traditionally I'm a travel and tourism girl who loves exploring the world, experiencing an assortment of cultures and foods, and taking in the lesser-seen sights... but I also have an array of other more lifestyle and homely focused interests, and I really wanted to create a space where I could happily talk about these things and my day to day life. I also wanted a space to share my new creative project - product photography.

The world's current pandemic has also of course limited travel and our ability to explore the outdoors, even on our doorstep, and my naturally creative little mind began to desperately crave an outlet - so here we are! 

•  •  •

So what can you expect from 'thosemomentsofmine'?

I have a love for product photography, and you'll find my mini portfolio here. I want to continue to grow this, and even share lots of behind the scenes moments on my TikTok account.

But for the blog side of things... I'm hugely fascinated by all things skincare, from the pretty packaging all the way down to the science that accompanies a product, so I'll definitely be sharing my knowledge and favourite products throughout the blog, with accompanying posts over on my brand new Instagram account @thosemomentsofmine

I'll also be blogging about things such as homemade remedies to house plant life and whatever else I'm generally getting up to here and there... I'm hoping to create a relaxing, comforting environment for you, and a creative outlet for me. 

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